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Bjarne Knutsen

Direct: +45 28 12 61 62

Birkholm Christmas trees is a farm where we produce Nordmann Christmas trees for wholesale. We sell our Christmas trees for export.
We also have decorative greenery and Nobilis Christmas trees.


We have worked with Christmas trees and decorative greenery more than 25 years. We have had the farm Birkholm since 1988 and have been selling Christmas trees since 2003.


Now we produce Christmas trees on 60 Ha. land.
On one of the farms there has been produced Nordmann Christmas trees since 1961.
You are always welcome to come and visit our Christmas trees plantations.


We produce Christmas trees because we enjoy working in and with nature.

It is a privilege to take care of the trees and help shaping them over the years while following their development until they are cut down for Christmas celebration.

We feel honored by the fact that people take our Christmas trees into their homes and share memorable moments around them.

After the trees are cut down, new trees are planted the following spring. The amount of trees that we plant is always bigger than the amount we cut down, which is very important to us.

The trees are planted on acreages where there, in our experience, are no problems with winter and spring frost. Also the acreages will not be flooded by water and the frost can drift of the acreage.

On one of our properties, there has been produced Christmas trees for more than 50 years.

We are constantly working on giving the Christmas trees the most optimal fertilizer to achieve the best results regarding color and firmness of the spruce needles. This is done through analyses of both soil and spruce needles.

We are working on preventing damages caused by deers, hares and birds, in a way where we can enjoy the greatest possible amount of different species in a tolerable amount, and still reduce the number of damages on the trees.


We produce the Christmas tree in the way most consumers ask for; a slim and shapely Christmas tree.

We have a lot of work processes before the Christmas trees can be cut down. Already in the first growing season, we start shaping the tree. The last year before we cut down the Christmas trees we had more than ten work processes shaping and taking care of the trees.

The target is to get the best amount of prima Christmas trees. There are many different challenges during a life of a Christmas tree.

We have many competent workers. They have a lot of experience, and are trained in the forming of a Christmas tree, so the tree can be ready and well shaped for Christmas Feast.

We produce many small Christmas trees of a very high quality. We work and form the trees with our own technique; a technique we have developed through many years, and now we can see it gives the very best quality of the Christmas trees.